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School Bus Driver

Ensure school kids are picked up and dropped off safely.

What does a School Bus Driver do?

The wheels on the bus do indeed go round and round, but only when a School Bus Driver is in control. Between safety regulations and strict schedules, it takes a smart and observant School Bus Driver to ensure every child makes it home safely.

If you’re a School Bus Driver, you clean the inside of the bus and check the fuel level and tire pressure to ensure everything runs smoothly before setting out on your daily bus run. Then it’s time to load the kids and head out. You must devote your attention both to the traffic on the road and to your passengers. From stop lights to whizzing paper airplanes, it takes a keen eye to monitor all that activity at once.

Keeping kids from getting rowdy is only one of your primary tasks. School Bus Drivers follow a strict schedule to make sure the kids arrive home on time. Falling behind schedule worries parents, yet arriving too early means that working parents may not be there to let their children into the house.

Traffic, time schedules, and safety are all balls in your daily juggling act. You know your route backward and forward, and can adjust to changes or unexpected events-like a sick child-during your route. You also take first aid classes so you’ll always know what to do and can respond instantly if a child gets hurt. All of these things combine to help you play parent to hundreds of children while their own parents are away.