Scalper Operator

Set up and operate scalper machines to mill defects from surfaces of ingot.

What does a Scalper Operator do?

Sets up and operates scalper machine to mill defects from surfaces of ingot to prepare it for rolling: Adjusts scalper blades to depth of cut required and positions holding jaws to width of ingot, using handwheel, setscrews, and handtools. Lifts ingot from skid to entry table, using hoist. Starts lifting table that positions ingot in jaws of machine carriage. Starts machine to make first cut. Releases ingot from carriage, inverts ingot, using roller manipulators, and repositions it in carriage for second cut, using button controls. Cleans machine lubricant from scalped ingot with squeegee. Stacks scalped ingots on skid. May record weight of ingot on production form.