Scale Operator

Weigh trucks or vehicles and keep records.

What does a Scale Operator do?

As a truck scale operator, a weigh station attendant, or a weigh station operator, you weigh trucks, charge and gather appropriate payment from drivers, and maintain records of such transactions. You make sure trucks do not exceed maximum legal weight without having received a permit prior to the trip. Weigh scale operators work at solid garbage dumping sites, weighing vehicles, collecting tickets, and maintaining records.

You may be required to perform safety inspections and ensure drivers stick to their legally permitted driving hours. Scale operators instruct drivers on unloading and disposing of garbage and recyclables, check for hazardous substances, and advise drivers on how much weight to carry.

You need a high school diploma or GED with a valid driving license to be a scale operator. You will work under all weather conditions and be on your feet for long hours. If you have a good vision, good hearing ability, are good at making simple calculations, and can keep records, a job as a scale operator could be perfect for you.