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Scale Model Maker

Assemble, test, and adjust prototype weight scales according to drawings.

What does a Scale Model Maker do?

Assembles, tests, and adjusts prototype weight scales according to drawings, using handtools and power tools and metal fabricating machines: Selects prefabricated parts or fabricates parts required to assemble scale, using handtools and metal fabricating machines, such as drill press and bench lathe. Assembles mechanical and electrical parts and subassemblies of scale according to drawing, using handtools and power tools. Tests function and calibration of assembled scale, using test weights. Disassembles scale to determine type error and replaces or adjusts parts to correct error. Adds weight to poise or lever to calibrate scales or drills holes, hones, or twists levers or pivots to reduce weight. Informs engineering department of findings and recommends changes in design to correct or improve performance of prototype scale.