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Scale Assembly Set-Up Worker

Install, set up, and adjust machines and tools at scale assembly workbench.

What does a Scale Assembly Set-Up Worker do?

Installs, sets up, and adjusts machines, equipment, tools, jigs and fixtures at scale assembly workbench according to engineering specifications and drawings: Selects parts, components, materials, and tools according to engineering parts list and conveys parts to work station. Reads engineering specifications to determine scale or scale component to be assembled. Installs, sets up, and adjusts machines, tools, equipment, and work aids, such as drill press, kick press, air screwdrivers, engraving machine, soldering equipment, jigs, and fixtures, according to engineering specifications, using handtools. Assembles and tests balance scale or components to determine if equipment is set up according to specifications and readjusts equipment to meet specifications. Explains use of equipment to workers.