Saw Operator

Tend battery of circular saws to cut plastic blocks to length.

What does a Saw Operator do?

Operates battery of circular saws to cut plastic blocks containing ceramic-coated aluminum rods to length for processing into electronic resistors: Reads job order to determine length of rods required. Secures blocks in clamps of automatic-feed saw, preset to specified length. Closes safety cover and depresses controls to start saw and activate automatic feed. Loads additional saws and monitors sawing operations to detect machine malfunctions. Removes sawed blocks from saws at end of automatic cycle. Holds sawed block against stop of manual-feed saw, starts saw, and feeds block into blade to complete specified cuts. Holds cut blocks under running water to remove debris. Measures cut and washed blocks to verify conformance with job order, using calipers and micrometers. Periodically replaces cog in automatic-feed saw to change length of cut, following identification number on cog and using wrench. Replaces worn or damaged saw blades, using handtools. Cleans work area. Records specified data on production report. May assist maintenance personnel with saw maintenance and repair.