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Saw Maker

Fabricate blades for various types of saws from steel blanks or band stock.

What does a Saw Maker do?

Fabricates blades for bandsaws, circular saws, and jigsaws from steel blanks or band stock, following work order specifications and using handtools, machine tools, and knowledge of metal characteristics: Selects blank or band stock, according to size, type, and operating requirements of blade. Hammers dents, kinks, and twists from blank or band stock. Operates power roller to straighten blade and stretch blade to specified temper. Installs specified serrating dies in punch press and operates press to cut teeth in blade. Sharpens and sets blade teeth, using power grinder and swaging machine. Operates butt welding machine to join ends of bandsaw blade. May operate surface grinder to grind blanks to specified thickness. May heat-treat saws to relieve internal stress and temper metal [HEAT TREATER I]. May specialize in tempering and aligning blades and be designated Sawsmith.