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Satellite Installer

Mount and active satellite receivers to bring TV to the world.

What does a Satellite Installer do?

Gone are the days when people fished for a few television stations with the aid of rabbit ears. Today’s TV programming offers hundreds of options. History, sports, movies-whatever you’re in the mood for, you can find it with a few presses of the remote. But that couldn’t happen without the satellite equipment needed to bounce the show right into your living room.

As a Satellite Installer, you install whatever equipment the customer needs in order to communicate with satellites and dial in the programming they desire. Typically, this equipment consists of a small satellite dish that is mounted on the roof of the house, or anchored in the yard.

The first comprehensive step as a Satellite Installer is to determine where to install the dish. Satellite Installers understand that the signal needs a clear path, so they evaluate the property and pick the best spot. You consider the tall trees shading one side of the roof and the buildings shielding the backside of the house.

With all of these considerations in mind, you use special tools to mount the dish on the roof or another part of the house. If the best location is in the yard, you may pour a cement block, bury a pole, or otherwise secure the device.

In addition, you’re responsible for providing outstanding customer service by explaining what you plan to do, offering advice about TV compatibility and how to use the dish, and being considerate of the customer’s property.