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SAT Instructor

Teach students how to handle the questions and pressure of the SAT.

What does a SAT Instructor do?

On the fun scale, the SAT ranks about as low as one can imagine. Not only is it scheduled early on a Saturday morning, but test takers are expected to have words like “capricious” and “ebullient” as part of their everyday vocabulary.

As an SAT Instructor, you help make this test a little bit less painful. SAT Instructors do this by preparing students for the different parts of the test, and teaching them different test-taking techniques to make sure they do the best they can.

The SAT is a standardized test. A student’s SAT score helps determine where they go to school. Because of the big implications, students and their parents give a lot of weight to being able to score high on it.

SAT Instructors can get hired to help students with this test for a number of reasons. For example, you might assist someone who’s aiming for a particular score that can can get them into their favorite college. Or you might help out a kid with testing anxiety.

Whoever you’re dealing with, your responsibilities look pretty much the same. Together with the student, you go through the different areas of knowledge (critical reading, essay writing, and math). Then you help them improve on any problem areas. Depending on their strengths and weaknesses, you might focus heavily on math problems, or you might have them write an essay within a set time.