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Sanitation Technician

Work in food production facilities to make sure they are 100% sanitary.

What does a Sanitation Technician do?

As a Sanitation Technician, you keep machines, equipment, and storage areas spick-and-span. Working in a factory or warehouse setting, you’re responsible for the daily sanitation of machinery used to produce goods. In most cases, Sanitation Technicians work in food production companies, which makes the position even more important.

Foodborne illness is a growing concern for people throughout the country, and your job as a Sanitation Technician is to make sure this does not spread to the masses. Ensuring that all safety precautions are followed in an efficient, quality-conscious, and cost-effective manner, you protect the company from potential liability, and people from illness.

Ideal candidates for this position have a keen eye for detail and a great respect for the rules. State and federal regulations governing safe food handling procedures must be followed, and it’s your job to make sure they are.

Physical requirements include the ability to stand for many hours (sometimes for an entire shift), while also bending, twisting, and lifting. You must be able to lift at least 50 pounds several times per day. The predictability of the work schedule makes the job a bit easier, and the pleasure of knowing you’re helping to keep people healthy is the perfect reward for a job well done.