Sanitation Superintendent

Plan, direct, and assign personnel, equipment and collection routes.

What does a Sanitation Superintendent do?

Plans and directs establishment of collection routes and assignment of personnel and equipment: Coordinates activities of workers concerned with sewage treatment, recycling or incineration plants, and landfill activities of disposal sites. Conducts field inspections to evaluate efficiency of sanitation program and to determine that residents are adhering to regulations. Notifies individuals of violations and initiates actions to obtain compliance with regulations. Supervises workers engaged in investigation of complaints and collection of delinquent accounts, where user assessments are imposed. Supervises persons engaged in preparation of cost and operational reports and compiles budget estimates for review and approval of authorities. Confers with engineering and other technical personnel to advise and assist in development, design, and installation of sanitation facilities. Prepares material such as handbills or press releases to keep public informed of changes in regulations. May direct one phase of sanitation services, as recycling, incineration, or sewage treatment, and be designated Superintendent, Refuse Disposal; Superintendent, Sewage-Treatment.