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Sandwich Machine Operator

Tend machines that form and wrap ice cream sandwiches.

What does a Sandwich Machine Operator do?

Tends machine that forms and wraps ice cream sandwiches: Attaches tube lines from freezer machine to ice cream forming head, using wrench. Assembles dispenser trays, wafer extruders, sandwich pusher, paper tucker, and elevator table to form sandwich of specified size. Threads roll of wrapping paper from spindle through guide rolls to wrapping box. Turns tension screws to obtain desired size wrapper. Starts machine and turns valve to start flow of ice cream from freezer through forming head past wafer extruders. Observes formed ice cream ribbon as it is automatically enclosed with wafers, cut at specified intervals, and wrapped. Turns valve and stops machine to remove jammed or defectively formed and wrapped sandwiches. Turns handwheel or presses jogging button to alter position of elevator table or wrapping paper to correct jam. May replace worn electrical or mechanical parts.