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Create a quality finish on a variety of products using a sanding machine.

What does a Sander do?

As a Sander, you operate various machines to smooth out materials. The type of machine may vary by industry, but the result is always the same – a smooth surface. You typically work in construction or manufacturing settings, and the pieces you handle may be combined with other products (that is, you may sand a small piece that will end up as part of a larger item – for example, a golf club grip) or used as standalone products (think baseball bats).

Aside from sanding sports equipment, you may also work in the construction or home improvement field. Sanders are responsible for smoothing the surface of hardwood floors or even drywall.

Accuracy and attention to detail are essential in this position, as it’s often your responsibility to ensure that all machines function properly and produce a perfect final product. If the baseball bat ends up with a raised or rough edge, you have to find the flaw in the sanding machine and make the necessary mechanical adjustments.

If you work in a manufacturing setting, you can expect predictable shifts and a climate-controlled environment, making the job dependable and comfortable. While working in a construction setting may not provide those same benefits, it instead presents Sanders with a constant change of pace. One day, you may work in a home constructing beautiful hardwood floors, and the next, you may be sanding drywall on a new office building. No matter where you’re employed though, this position provides the satisfaction of seeing the final product in use and admired by many.