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Sandblaster Paint Sprayer

Spray paint and sandblast heavy equipment.

What does a Sandblaster Paint Sprayer do?

Spray paints and sandblasts heavy equipment, such as concrete mixer trucks, boom trucks, and payloaders, using spray gun and sandblasting equipment: Cleans grease, dirt, dried concrete, old paint, and rust from equipment, using solvent, water, rags, brushes, pneumatic wire brush, and chipping hammer. Cleans and prepares surface for painting, using air-powered sandblasting equipment. Applies paper and masking tape to protect unpainted surfaces, such as windows and trim. Stencils lettering and other identifying information on vehicles according to specifications. Selects paint according to company color scheme and specifications. Stirs paint, pours paint into spray container, and applies primer or finish coat of paint, using spray gun. Paints areas inaccessible to spray gun, using paint brush. Disassembles paint and sandblasting equipment and cleans equipment, using solvent, wire brushes, and dry cloth.