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Sandblast or Shotblast Equipment Tender

Tend equipment that clean metal objects with blast of abrasive.

What does a Sandblast or Shotblast Equipment Tender do?

Performs any combination of following tasks to tend equipment that cleans dirt, scale, and other materials from metal objects with blast of abrasive, such as steel shot, sand, steel grit, or glass beads: Dumps or shovels objects into tumbler and starts tumbler that exposes surfaces of objects to blast of abrasive and tumbling action. Stacks objects on racks, places racks in chamber, and starts blast of abrasive. Places objects on moving conveyor that carries objects under blast of abrasive. Adjusts controls on equipment to regulate pressure and amount of abrasive blast. Pours or shovels abrasive material into feed hopper to replenish supply. May tend equipment to harden or strengthen surface of metal parts and be designated Shot-Peen Operator.