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Sand Molder

Build molds made of heat-resistant sand in which to cool metal parts.

What does a Sand Molder do?

In order for metal to take on a permanent shape, it must be melted then cooled inside a mold. Imagine the metal trinkets on your shelves, the casing of your flashlight, or the tools in your garage, and you’ll begin to get a picture of the process.

As a Sand Molder, you create the molds that later shape those metal products. Sand Molders work in a factory or workshop, using both finesse and strength to scoop or shovel sand into a preformed flask. In order to pack it against the sides, Sand Molders manually ram the sand, or use a pneumatic hammer to get the job done.

Once the sand is tapped into the proper shape, it is sent to the furnace. In larger factories, you might pass the cast to a Furnace Operator, while in small companies, that might be one of your many responsibilities.

The sand mold has to be just the right hardness, so you carefully gauge the temperature and the length of time it has to remain in the oven. Then you use special gear to remove it from the fiery cave, and allow it to cool. You might even take part in the next phase of the process, where you actually melt the metal, pour it into the mold and remove it once it has cooled.

This is a rewarding job that uses your eye for detail and capacity for hard work to create a tangible product used by millions of people every day.