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Sand Blaster

Shoot sand at high speeds to etch engravings and smooth out masonry.

What does a Sand Blaster do?

Skilled in the art of blasting away dirt and debris until walls and other surfaces glisten with perfection, a Sand Blaster is an Artist of a different breed. Sand Blasters prepare and operate blasting equipment to smooth and clean surfaces or create pictures and inscriptions. Your knowledge as a Sand Blaster lets you work on objects of all sizes and materials.

Typically, as a Sand Blaster, you use your skills to clean and smooth surfaces. Your equipment emits high-powered streams of air, with abrasives-rough materials that wear down surfaces-mixed in. This equipment works wonders for taking paint off houses or removing rust.

Each day presents a new challenge. An old car needs to look a little more polished, or a business has some warehouses that need the siding stripped down for remodeling. You decide what type of abrasive to use, and pair it with the right equipment to clean the item without damaging it.

For the more artistic types, certain jobs use sand blasting for engraving. Items such as tombstones require powerful sand blasting equipment to etch on pictures and spell out names. This lets you merge your artistic passion with your knowledge of sand blasting techniques.

Regardless of whether you’re cleaning or carving, you use your understanding of the equipment and materials used in sand blasting to take on a variety of hands-on assignments. In this job, no two projects are ever quite the same.