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Sample Stitcher

Mark and cut out materials and sew parts of new style garments.

What does a Sample Stitcher do?

Marks and cuts out material and sews parts of new style garments, following patterns, sketches, and design specifications, to prepare sample garments: Selects garment parts and threads, according to design specifications. Positions and aligns parts of sample garment together, following markings on parts, sketches, and patterns. Sews parts and attaches accessories and ornamentations, using needle and thread or sewing machine. Drapes garment on model form, examines fit and hang of garment, and marks garment to indicate position of fasteners and trimmings, such as sashes, belts, and emblems. May sew fasteners and trimmings to garments, using needle and thread or sewing machine. May mark and cut materials to obtain garment parts, following patterns or designer’s sketches. May press garments by hand or machine. May join dress parts to prove correctness of pattern as to fit and hang of garment and be designated Duplicate Maker.