Sample Sawyer

Tend machines equipped with circular abrasive saw.

What does a Sample Sawyer do?

Tends machine equipped with circular abrasive saw that cuts face from production brick for use as displays or sales sample panels: Sets saw table guides to specified length and width, using machine measuring scale and wrench. Places brick against guides and tightens holding device, using wrench. Starts abrasive saw and pushes table under saw blade and depresses pedal to control depth of cut. Places discard portion of brick into wheelbarrow and stacks cutoff face sample on bench. Carries stack of face samples to next work station and wheels discarded brick to scrap pile. May tend saw that cuts clay sewer pipe to salvage usable pipe from defective pipe and be designated Ceramic Saw, Tender. May tend saw that cuts kiln furniture used to support clay products during firing process and be designated Kiln Furniture, Saw Tender.