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Sample Preparation Supervisor

Develop dye formulas and manage workers engaged in screen printing.

What does a Sample Preparation Supervisor do?

Develops dye formulas according to customer specifications and supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in screen printing cloth samples by hand: Analyzes customer artwork and color card to determine number and type colors specified. Compares specified colors with standard color swatches to match colors and records mixing formulas from selected swatches. Monitors color weighing and mixing activities to ensure adherence with formula specifications. Observes cloth printing activities to ensure product conformance with standards. Examines printed samples for color penetration, off-center print, and to verify customer color specifications. Revises dye formulas to match shades desired by customer. Records data, such as customer name, pattern number, colors, and quantity desired and forwards data to production department. Performs other duties as described under SUPERVISOR Master Title.