Salvage Repairer II

Recondition salvaged parts of equipment and rebuild equipment.

What does a Salvage Repairer II do?

Reconditions salvaged parts of equipment used in electric-power system and rebuilds equipment, such as air circuit breakers and lightning arrestors: Removes bolts and screws to disassemble salvaged materials, using handtools, and discards parts beyond repair. Dips parts in acid, lye, or soap solution to clean parts, and polishes parts, using buffing wheel. Solders, wraps, and coats lightning rod arrestor wires to connect and insulate wires during repair, using soldering iron, tape, and varnish. Bolts porcelain insulators to wood parts to assemble hot stools. Replaces broken porcelain insulating parts to rebuild air-circuit breakers and other protective devices, using cement.