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Salon Manager

Generate profits while pleasing salon customers with trendy styles.

What does a Salon Manager do?

Armed with a flair for hair and a knack for numbers, a salon manager leads a salon to high profits and customer satisfaction. As the salon manager, you’re in charge of hiring expert staff, overseeing your finances, and building your creative brand to establish your salon as the most happening on the block.

Running a salon takes a lot of creative talent to stay afloat. To provide clients with the first-class service they expect, the salon manager avidly reads all the latest hair and style magazines, and hires top stylists who know their way around a pair of scissors. Word of mouth from your regulars soon ushers in new clients. And if that doesn’t work, posting free haircut coupons in the newspaper is sure to do the trick.

On top of your creative vision for your salon, you also need some down-to-earth business know-how in budget setting, wholesale shopping, and safety regulation management. A law-abiding salon is a happy salon.

It’s this savvy business sense combined with intuition that lets you parent your salon from a toddling infant to a towering giant booming with business. With all the competition from other salons, it’s up to you to find a void in the market and fill it. Salons catering high-end styles to the stars and those offering budget-friendly cuts for the entire family both have a place in the world of good hair days.