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Sales Trader

Use research and educated guesswork to make money trading stocks.

What does a Sales Trader do?

Sales Traders are the people who make the fast-paced world of the stock market go round. Large companies, businesses, and banks all hire Sales Traders to keep a hawk’s eye on the stock market so they can buy and sell stocks for the company. You control your client’s stock portfolio and aim to make the most money possible. This is a highly competitive job that keeps your adrenaline pumping.

In your duties as a Sales Trader, you constantly watch the stock market and try to predict what it will do next. This involves complex math and a mixture of your own gut feelings about which stock may plummet and which one may rise in value. You follow the stock indexes, compare the registered prices against your own research on what a stock is worth, and then capitalize when you find the differences between the two by buying or shorting the stock. For example, you might research the Brazilian appliance market, and realize it is projected to have great growth in the next quarter. You then research specific companies, figure out where they are valued at, then analyze which company is doing the right things and you think will grow (or fall) faster then their projected rate. Then you buy!

It’s up to you to keep your clients informed and advise them on the best moves to make with their stock. You could work full-time for a large business or manage several clients at once as a freelance Sales Trader. Many times you work for a bank to grow the cash investments made into the bank by its customers.

Whether you work from home or an office building, you’ll spend your days researching stocks, analyzing data, and making predictions on where to invest a client’s money. The stock market is a tricky beast that takes skill and cunning to tame and put it to work for you.