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Sales Manager Career Information

What skills do you need to become a sales manager?

When searching for sales manager jobs, it’s beneficial to consider the current industry trends. Industries need sales managers skilled in marketing, management, sales, and sales.

What majors do sales managers graduate with?

To apply for sales manager jobs, candidates will want to have a bachelor’s degree and perhaps an advanced degree in marketing. Marketing degrees are significantly more widespread than business administration degrees. Management science majors are also more prevalent than communication majors.

Sales managers are employed across many different industries as well as in both small and large businesses. They are more likely to be employed in retail and hospitality industries than in food production. Other industries that employ sales managers are information technology and services and telecommunications.

Now, what are the top locations recent graduates work at? New York and Chicago are two attractive options for sales managers to find jobs. Alternative cities include Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Dallas.


Manage Salespeople and devise strategies for increasing sales.

Salary Range: $70,116 - $116,096
Industry: Food Production
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