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Sales Counselor

Hit your sales targets while providing top-notch customer support.

What does a Sales Counselor do?

A Sales Counselor also goes by the title Salesperson. In this job, you can work for retirement communities, model home manufacturers, health clubs, even cemeteries. No matter where you work though, your job as a Sales Counselor is to provide topnotch customer service so you can convince customers to buy your company’s product.

Regardless of the industry you end up working for, this job always comes with sales goals. These are a set number of sales that you’re required to meet within a set amount of time-usually every month or quarter, depending on where you work. To meet your sales goals, you first need customers. A Sales Counselor can get customers by marketing their product.

You might be responsible for promoting your product, or your company might have a team that takes care of marketing. In the latter case, you’re simply sent leads, or people who are interested in what your company is selling.

Once you have a lead, you get to work selling your product. To do this, you need a combination of product knowledge and likeability (this is definitely a job for a people person). You need to know the answer to any question that might come up (no matter how random), and how many of a product is available at any time. You call or email potential clients often, and give different types of sales pitches until you convince them to buy.

Though this position entails a lot of pressure to perform, it also usually comes with some pretty sweet perks, including commission on anything you sell.