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Sail Cutter

Spread and cut cloth into specified lengths and shapes for sewing.

What does a Sail Cutter do?

Spreads sail cloth over floor pattern and cuts cloth into specified lengths and shapes for subsequent sewing into complete sail: Lays first width of sail cloth over pattern and fastens it into position, using weights or awls. Marks outline of sail on cloth, following pattern and allowing margin of material to overlap for seams. Cuts cloth along outline, using hand shears. Draws seam guidelines on edge of cloth with pencil to mark seam overlap. Spreads succeeding widths of cloth over pattern in specified manner and cuts with hand shears until sail is complete. Draws lines across joints of cloths with pencil as guides to match cloths for assembly. Picks up, marks, and stacks cloths in order of sewing. Lays out and cuts reinforcing patches for sails. Trims sails after machine seaming and creases edges by hand to prepare for machine finishing. May prepare sails for repair by opening seams and cutting out defective cloth or rope with hand shears. May shrink cotton cloths before cutting by soaking in water. May lay out and draw sail patterns on floor [SAIL-LAY-OUT WORKER].