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Safety Pin Assembling Machine Operator

Tend battery of automatic machines that form safety pins.

What does a Safety Pin Assembling Machine Operator do?

Operates battery of automatic machines to twist coil in pointed length of wire and form and attach caps and guards to wire to form safety pins: Installs cutting and forming dies in machine according to size of pin specified, using handtools. Lifts reels of cap and guard metal strip onto feed-reel holders, and locks spring clamps to secure reels. Scoops pointed wires into gravity feed hopper and starts machine. Observes operation to detect jamming of mechanisms and extracts jammed pin parts, using pick, screwdriver, and pliers. Measures sample of completed pins for conformance to specifications, such as length, diameter of wire, size of spring coil, and width of pin, using micrometers and fixed gauges. Examines pins for malformation of caps or guards and opens and closes pins to test operation. Adjusts guides, tension bars, cams, feeder arms, and stops, and synchronizes moving parts of machine to correct malfunctions. Replaces broken or worn cutting and forming dies, using machinist’s handtools.