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Safety Officer

Monitor and improve workplace safety conditions.

What does a Safety Officer do?

The average factory or office is full of safety hazards. Equipment can overheat, floors can get wet and slick, and objects can fall from high places. People who are hurt on the job are entitled to benefits, and they may choose to sue the company for additional damages.

This is bad for employees and companies alike, and that is why companies employ Safety Officers. Your job as a Safety Officer is to design programs to prevent injuries, and to make sure people follow the programs you’ve put in place.

First, the Safety Officer observes the workplace, looking for problems that could result in injuries. Next, the Safety Officer puts together programs that will keep workers safe. For example, you may create a series of articles in your employee newsletter about why helmets are required on the factory floor, then walk the floor to remind workers to put their helmets on.

You use all of your persuasive skills here. You don’t have the authority to make people follow the rules, so you must entice them with your winning personality.

Your company may be required to meet certain safety guidelines to stay in compliance with the law. So you carefully follow changes in the laws, and perform periodic inspections to make sure you meet the requirements. For example, you check that chemicals are stored and labeled properly, enough gloves and goggles are stocked for all of your workers, and hazardous waste is disposed of in a safe manner. You also document your inspections, as well as the corrective actions you plan to take.