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Safety Manager

Identify possible unsafe work conditions and plan how to avoid them.

What does a Safety Manager do?

No matter where you end up working, safety is key. That’s why companies of all types employ safety managers. In this position you have one main goal regardless of where you work: to protect the health of your company’s employees.

To make the workplace safe, safety managers first need to identify any unsafe conditions. You do this by visiting different company sites and looking for potential hazards. You keep up with specific federal regulations and industry standards that your company needs to follow, and research common safety issues in your field. After a policy is put in place, safety managers check up on managers and employees alike to make sure that rules—like wearing hard hats on site—are being followed at all times.

This job calls for a lot of report writing and documentation. You keep track of the visits you make to company offices and the safety issues you see. You research and write new policy suggestions, and report new laws and the way they affect the company.

The policy suggestions you make vary depending on where you work. For example, requiring steel-toed shoes makes sense in a factory, but not so much in an office.

Though a large part of this job involves preventing injuries and accidents, you also do the paperwork when someone gets injured. You write a detailed account of what happened, and give suggestions on how such an accident can be avoided in the future.