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Safety Inspector

Inspect properties to evaluate conditions and promote safety programs.

What does a Safety Inspector do?

Inspects insured properties to evaluate physical conditions and promote safety programs: Inspects properties such as buildings, industrial operations, vehicles, and recreational facilities to evaluate physical conditions, safety practices, and hazardous situations according to knowledge of safety and casualty underwriting standards and governmental regulations. Measures insured area, calculates frontage, and records description and amount of stock, and photographs or drafts scale drawings of properties, to identify factors affecting insurance premiums. Analyzes history of accidents and claims against insured and inspects scenes of accidents to determine causes and to develop accident-prevention programs. Prepares written report of findings and recommendations for correction of unsafe or unsanitary conditions. Confers with employees of insured to induce compliance with safety standards, codes, and regulations. Conducts informational meetings among various educational, civic, and industrial groups to promote general safety concepts, utilizing audiovisual aids and insurance statistics. May specialize in specific type of accident-prevention or safety program, such as fire safety or traffic safety.