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Safe and Vault Technician

Advise home and business owners how to keep their valuables safe.

What does a Safe and Vault Technician do?

Did you see Ocean’s Eleven and say, “I could have stopped those guys!” Well, as a Safe and Vault Technician, you’ll have the chance every day to pit your brain and the latest technology against all those who would try to breach your client’s security. Skills in problem solving and predicting, a keen eye for security weaknesses, and a creative mind are all things that you’ll need in this career.

Modern safes are extremely complex machines. They blend old-school strength and sturdiness with the latest electronics. So one of the most important things you can do as a Safe and Vault Technician is to stay up to date on the latest advances in security technology. This way, you can advise your employer about how their current security scheme can be updated or upgraded.

If you work for a number of different clients, then you need to be very familiar with as many different types of safe and vault configurations as possible. Knowing how to apply what you already know about security electronics and physical defense measures to new models as they’re introduced will take you far.

There are many career routes for a Safe and Vault Technician: Banks, casinos, ATM companies all need qualified Technicians to service their secure elements. Depending on the kind of security company you work for and whether you’re employed in-house or out in the field, you could have an extremely regular 40-hour workweek, or spend your days driving from site to site in a van with your specialized tool setup. Either way, expect to be on call at times — crime and security failures can happen at any hour. If you revel in a challenge, and love high security and technology, then a career as a Safe and Vault Technician could be right for you.