Saddle Maker

Design, create and decorate custom made saddles for horses.

What does a Saddle Maker do?

A standard horse doesn’t have a flat back that stays still while the horse is running. Instead, it has a curved back that tends to move from side to side as the horse moves. Place a person on that curved, shifting back and the horse is liable to feel pinched and the rider is liable to fall off. As a Saddle Maker, you solve this problem by creating saddles to help support the weight of the rider.

Saddles often have stiff centers so they can hold their place over time. When the Saddle Maker starts work on a saddle, they cut out pieces for the center and attach them together with tiny, strong stitches. Then, you cut out pieces of leather to cover this center, and you place a layer of cushion between the center and the leather. Using a needle and thread or a sewing machine, you sew the leather pieces together, with the center and the padding sandwiched.

Decorative pieces such as fringe or studs may be part of your saddle design, and you attach these items with skill and precision. When the saddle is all put together, you may dye the pieces a particular color, or apply a treatment to the leather to make the surface shine and the color stand out.

While your saddles are built to last, they may need repairs after heavy use. When you need to make repairs, you, the Saddle Maker carefully assess the saddle first and determine what needs to be corrected. Often, you take out your stitches and replace the padding in the saddle. Then, you re-stitch and clean the saddle to make it seem shiny and new once more.