Russian Language Professor

Teach university students to speak Russian.

What does a Russian Language Professor do?

With millions of people speaking Russian worldwide, colleges need Russian Language Professors to introduce their students to this rich language. Some students need to know only the basics as a requirement for their degree. Others want to master it and become fluent speakers so they can travel the world for pleasure or business. As a Russian Language Professor, you adopt popular language teaching methods to show your students how they can master the language and enjoy themselves at the same time.

In the morning, you, a Russian Language Professor head to your beginning Russian class to teach the novices all about syntax, grammar, and basic vocabulary. After teaching your first class, you stop by your office to update the exam dates on the class syllabus. Then it’s on to your advanced Russian class in the afternoon. Students who have mastered the basics now turn to you for advice on moving forward and becoming more fluent.

After class, it’s back to the office to research new course textbooks and find other materials that support your current teaching goals. Computer language games and video courses make excellent additions to your traditional textbook.

Finally, you pack up and head home for the night, where you grade exams and note which students seem to be struggling in class. The next day, you spend some time in your office finishing up paperwork and helping students who stop by with questions. Before long, your students will speak Russian effortlessly.