Runway Model

Show off the newest fashion trends by strutting the catwalk.

What does a Runway Model do?

As a Runway Model, you advertise a Clothing Designer ‘s creations while walking in fashion shows and posing for photographs. You’re the face behind a fashion collection that the Designer has been cultivating for months. In each job, the Designer is relying on you to portray a certain appearance and personality.

There are industry standards saying that a Model should be tall and have slim proportions, but there’s a place in the modeling world for people of every shape and background. Agents also look for interesting and odd faces, and every Designer has a unique and personal philosophy you can fit into.

Of course, in a world where appearance is everything, you must keep yourself well groomed. Your body is more than just your temple; it’s a canvas ready to be painted.

As a Runway Model, you may have to travel far to walk in fashion meccas like New York, Paris, and Milan, but there are endless opportunities to immerse yourself in the international fashion community. If you play your cards right, modeling can yield a very glamorous lifestyle. But behind the curtains, Runway Models must be a good listeners and a speedy workers.

If you arrive late or fail to change quickly backstage, you run the risk of losing a job. You’ll be hired again and again not only because of your look, but also because you have a personality that shines through the clothing you’re selling.

To reach great heights in the industry, you, as a Runway Model must exude confidence. Modeling is similar to acting. When you step on the runway, you may have to embody a character. Every moment, a Photographer could be catching your expression in a snapshot that may end up in next month’s big magazines, so you’re always on top of your game.