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Runway Choreographer

Customize models' gestures, expressions, and move on the catwalk.

What does a Runway Choreographer do?

Runway modeling may look like nothing more than walking a straight line in an eccentric outfit while looking scarily thin, but in reality, there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. As a Runway Choreographer, you create the walks that Models do, fixing everything from hand placement to facial expressions to get a unique strut that will get a Model and Fashion Designer noticed.

Before Runway Choreographers can decide on the type of walk a Model will do, they first need an idea of what the fashion show is about. The type of clothing being modeled or the target audience the Designer is after determines what attitude the Model projects on their walk. For example, a sexy strut would work well for a Victoria’s Secret show, but would be off at the unveiling of the latest line of conservative business attire for executives. You also need to pay attention to the music and theme of the show, as these affect aspects like the speed of the walk and the style it takes on.

Probably the biggest thing you take into account when designing a new routine is what the Model will be wearing. Large wings, big hair, long skirts, or geometrical attachments all affect how well Models can swing their hips or move their arms. The purpose of a runway walk is to show off the clothing, so Runway Choreographers want to always choreograph a routine that shows all aspects of the design while also making the Model look as comfortable and happy as possible.