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Ruling Machine Set-Up Operator

Set up and operate ruling machines to draw lines.

What does a Ruling Machine Set-Up Operator do?

Sets up and operates ruling machines to draw lines on tablets, notebooks, looseleaf fillers, and index cards according to specifications: Reads job orders to determine settings. Installs and adjusts machine parts, such as slitting knives, trimming blades, ruling heads, discs or pens, printing reels, belts, and gear, using handtools. Sets guides, feed rollers, punching units, and other machine parts to accommodate size and style of material being produced. Mixes ink compounds, fills ink wells, and turns valves to regulate flow of ink. Places stacks of paper sheets on feedboard of machine or installs rolls of paper in roll-fed machine and turns handwheel to adjust cutting mechanism that cuts product to specified length. Sets counter when printing sheets for looseleaf fillers. Starts machine for test run. Examines lines being drawn to detect variations in line width or color tone, and measures dimensions of product, using tape rule, to ensure conformance to specifications. Makes adjustments as required. Starts machine and observes operation of machine during production run. Inserts pieces of cardboard and sheets of printed paper into stacks of lined sheets at specified intervals to provide backs and fronts when making tablets. Stops machine when malfunction occurs, corrects malfunction, or notifies other worker of malfunction. Cleans machine parts, using solvent. May oversee workers in supplying paper stock to machine. May operate roll-fed machine, equipped with paper cutter and two sets of ruling heads or pens to draw horizontal and vertical lines, and be designated L-Type-Ruling-Machine Operator.