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Rug Inspector II

Inspect carpets and rugs to detect defects.

What does a Rug Inspector II do?

Inspects carpets and rugs to detect defects in weaving, tufting, or hooking, soil spots, uncut pile, and loose threads: Spreads rug on table or examines rug spread on floor to detect soil spots, missing stitches, holes, loose threads, uncut pile, defectively bound edges, and faulty shearing, and to determine that color, design, and work meet specifications. Measures pile height and rug dimensions, using ruler and tapeline. Marks defect on rug. Cuts uncut pile, loose yarn ends, and long fringe yarn, using scissors. Selects yarn of color to match rug, threads hooked needle, and hooks yarn to backing in blank areas of rug to fill in missing pile or yarn. May rub soil spots with cloth and cleaning solution to remove soil and restore natural color to rug pile. May glue backing strip around back edge of rug. May attach tassels to edge of rug, using plunger needle and yarn. May affix gummed label to rug, using heated iron. May work as member of two-worker team when inspecting large rugs.