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Rug Cleaner Helper

Assist in cleaning rugs in the plant or at customers' premises.

What does a Rug Cleaner Helper do?

Performs variety of tasks to assist in cleaning rugs in plant or at customers’ premises: Moves furniture to remove rug to plant or to clear room for cleaning rug on premises. Pushes vacuum cleaner over rug or feeds rug into machine equipped with rotating straps or brushes that remove dirt and dust preparatory to scrubbing. Fastens rug to pins attached to conveyor chain of automatic cleaning machine, as directed by RUG CLEANER, MACHINE. Examines or rubs cleaned rugs with towel to determine cleanliness and notifies RUG CLEANER, MACHINE if additional cleaning is required. Rolls and wraps rug with paper or ties it with cord for delivery to customer or storage. May brush or spray sizing on back of rug. May spray rugs, carpets, and upholstered furniture with insecticides to mothproof them.