Massage and bathe customers in thermal bathhouse.

What does a Rubber do?

Massages and bathes customers in thermal bathhouse: Kneads, slaps, strokes, and rubs flesh with stiff-bristled brush or brush made of leaves and twigs to increase circulation, relax muscles, and relieve fatigue. Assists customer into tub or onto bench, slab, or table in dry heat or steam room. Adjusts thermostat that regulates flow of heat and turns steam valve or sprinkles water on heated rocks to control temperature and humidity. Splashes soapy water on customer’s body, scrubs body with brush, mitt, or sponge to clean skin and remove dead cuticle, and splashes clear water on body to rinse soap from skin. May dry customer after bath, using towel. May supply customer with drinking water or wrap client’s head in cold towel during bath [HOT-ROOM ATTENDANT]. May massage customer after bath, using alcohol and oil, to soothe skin [COOLING-ROOM ATTENDANT]. May bind leaves and twigs to form brush used in rubdown. May be designated according to type of massage given as Finnish Rubber; Russian Rubber; Turkish Rubber.