Rubber Printing Machine Operator

Operate machines to print decorative designs on uncured rubber sheeting.

What does a Rubber Printing Machine Operator do?

Operates machine to print decorative designs on uncured rubber sheeting, used in making footwear: Computes required yardage of each design and type of sheeting compound from work ticket. Selects drum of stock to match order. Pushes A-frame, in which drum of stock is mounted above empty rewind drum, to stop in front of printing roller and attaches wheel-mounted motor to axle of rewind drum, using collar and wrench. Selects and installs printing roller engraved with specified design, using wrenches. Fills paint reservoir. Pulls sheeting from wrapper and threads end through rollers onto conveyor belt and attaches wrapper to core of rewind drum. Starts conveyor and rewind motor and observes sheeting for clarity of printing. Turns stopnuts and T-screws to adjust distance between paint transfer and printing rollers to print design clearly and without cutting into stock.