Rubber Mill Tender

Tend rubber milling machines.

What does a Rubber Mill Tender do?

Tends rubber milling machine to mix, blend, knead, or refine scrap, crude, synthetic, or precompounded rubber for further processing: Starts machine and turns valves on steam and cold waterlines to regulate temperature of rolls. Lays rubber slabs between rolls of mill. Cuts stock with knife, rolls it into bundle, and feeds stock back into mill until rubber reaches specified consistency. Sets adjustable knives against mill roll to cut continuous strip as rubber emerges from mill and feeds strip onto conveyor that carries strip to calenders or extruders, Adjusts clearance between mill rolls, using wrench. May wash or crack crude rubber by passing it through corrugated mill rolls and water spray. May weigh and measure liquid and dry chemicals and add them to rubber during kneading process. May be designated according to specialized operation performed as Mill Tender, Break-Down; Mill Tender, Warm-Up; Mill Tender, Washing; Mix-Mill Tender; Slab-Off Mill Tender.