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Rubber Mill Operator

Operate extruders and calender mills to remove moisture.

What does a Rubber Mill Operator do?

Operates extruders and calender mill to remove moisture from butyl rubber crumbs: Presses buttons on control panel to start conveyors that feed rubber crumbs from drier through extruder and into hot mill. Opens breech-lock head on extruder, using wrenches. Removes foreign matter from equipment, using hot hoe and wooden tamper. Turns handwheel to adjust space between rollers on hot mill to remove moisture and to regulate thickness of product on rollers. Observes color and surface characteristics of rubber to determine degree of dryness. Turns valves on steam lines to maintain temperatures. Turns handwheels to adjust mill knives. Cuts samples of product for laboratory tests and cleans undried rubber from rollers for remilling, using knife. Inspects machinery for lubrication and to detect mechanical malfunction.