Rubber Goods Inspector-Tester

Inspect and test rubber materials for conformance to specifications.

What does a Rubber Goods Inspector-Tester do?

Inspects and tests rubber materials, parts, or products for conformance to specifications: Visually and tactually examines items for defects, such as soils, cracks, and breaks. Verifies dimensions and weights of articles, using scales, calipers, templates, and other measuring instruments, following specifications and blueprints. Verifies strength, durability, and permeability of materials and products, using tensile strength, compression, inflation, and water tests. Sorts, counts, or marks articles according to size, grade, or color. Records inspection and testing data. May trim excess materials from articles, using knife, scissors, cutting machines, or buffing wheels. May cut out and replace defective areas to salvage parts or products. May bundle or pack goods for shipment. May be designated according to product inspected as Balloon Tester; Hose Tester; Inner-Tube Tester; Rubber-Gasket Inspector-Trimmer; V-Belt Inspector. May be designated: Adhesion Tester; Boot Tester; Calender Inspector; Catheter Finisher-And-Inspector; Dielectric Tester; Hose Inspector; Inflation Tester; Inspector; Inspector And Tester; Inspector, Fuel Hose; Matting Inspector; Mattress Inspector; Molded-Goods Inspector-Trimmer; Padded-Products Inspector-Trimmer; Piston-Cup Inspector; Rubber-Goods Finisher; Rubber-Goods Inspector-Trimmer; Rubber-Goods Tester, Water; Slab Inspector.