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Rubber Goods Cutter-Finisher

Set up and operate machines to cut, drill, and grind extruded rubber goods.

What does a Rubber Goods Cutter-Finisher do?

Sets up and operates variety of machines to cut, drill, punch, and grind molded and extruded rubber goods: Changes dies, drills, knives, abrasive wheels, and cutter bars as specified. Adjusts equipment, such as boring machine, tubing cutter, notch cutter, washer cutter, and grinding lathe, using handtools. Positions material, such as molded rubber parts, gaskets, tubing, and office machine rolls, in specified machine and starts machine to bore or punch holes in parts, cut washers from tubing, cut tubing to length, or grind tubing and machine rolls to size. Verifies size of rubber goods with calipers, ruler, plug gauge, and template. Inspects material and rejects defective items. May be designated according to machine operated as Boring-Machine Operator; Cutting-Machine Operator; Lathe Operator; Notch-Machine Operator; or product finished as Gasket Notcher; Roll Grinder; Washer Cutter.