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Router Operator

Set up and operate routers, such as pin, horizontal, and radial arm.

What does a Router Operator do?

Sets up and operates routers, such as pin, horizontal, and radial arm, to cut, trim, slot, scarf, chamfer, profile, and shape metallic and nonmetallic materials, parts, castings, and tooling, according to specifications and knowledge of machine routing procedures: Reads work order, tooling instructions, blueprints, sketches, or other specifications to determine machining information, such as material needed, sequence of operations, quantity, tolerances, and dimensions of finished parts. Installs machine accessories, such as pins, collars, cutting tools, blocks, templates, and router boards, using handtools and power tools. Positions and secures parts or materials on machine, using bolts, clamps, or other fasteners. Adjusts controls to regulate speed of cutting tool, depth of cut, and flow of air, coolant, and lubricant. Starts machine and guides material against cutting tool or cutting tool against material. Verifies conformance of finished workpiece to specified tolerances, using precision measuring instruments. Observes machine operation and reports malfunctions to supervisor. May engage automatic feed of material. May record production output. May mark reference points on workpiece. May use milling cutters in router to shape parts. May operate specific type router and be designated Router Operator, Pin or Router Operator, Radial.