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Route Sales Driver

Hit the open road to deliver all kinds of interesting products.

What does a Route Sales Driver do?

This is no office job-unless you consider the Driver ‘s seat an office. Aside from giving you lots of drive time, the job keeps you on the move as you load and unload freight, stack merchandise, create displays, and deliver your product to a series of stops on your predetermined route.

Your day as a Route Sales Driver starts at the warehouse where you load your truck or van with spark plugs, soda, beer, chips, bread, or any number of other products commonly delivered to retailers on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Checking each invoice against the cargo, the Route Sales Driver verifies the proper amounts and then heads out to their first customer. Carefully maneuvering through traffic and finding a place to safely park your big rig are among the first challenges faced by a Route Sales Driver.

But, you’re more than a Delivery Driver. A big part of your job involves developing relationships with the customers on your route. With knowledge about your product and a reliable delivery schedule, you have the skills you need to increase the number of customers you service. That’s a good thing since making sales is as much a part of your job as unloading the truck or stopping at a red light.

You also help the customer through the ordering process, write up invoices, suggest ordering quantities, inform them of upcoming promotions, and enter orders into the computer. Additionally, you help them promote the product by setting up racks that display merchandise in an appealing and eye-catching way.