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Round Corner Cutter Operator

Tend machines that cut round corners on paper goods and printed products.

What does a Round Corner Cutter Operator do?

Tends machine that cuts round corners on paper goods and printed products, such as notebook paper, tablets, pamphlets, and booklets: Reads job ticket to determine number of items to be processed and number and designation of corners to be rounded. Adjusts rounding dies to specified settings, using handtool. Removes stacks of printed products or precounted paper from supply skid and positions and aligns paper, pamphlets, or booklets against guides and backstop of machine. Depresses pedal to activate machine that automatically clamps product onto machine bed and lowers rounding-die that cuts round corners in product. Removes finished products from machine and stacks products on table or pallet. May tend drill-punch machine to drill holes in paper [DRILL-PUNCH OPERATOR 649.685-034]. May wrap and label stacks of processed paper [PACKAGER, HAND 920.587-018]. May tend machine that automatically wraps and heat shrinks plastic film around product [PACKAGER, MACHINE 920.685-078]. May sew gathered and collated signatures by hand to form book [STITCHER, HAND 977.684-022].