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Rotogravure Press Operator

Set and operate rotary-type presses that print by rotogravure process.

What does a Rotogravure Press Operator do?

Makes ready and operates rotary-type press that prints illustrative and other subject matter by rotogravure process: Installs engraved copper printing cylinder in press, using handtools. Adjusts doctor blade to remove excess ink from surface of printing cylinder. Threads web of paper or other printing stock through press, adjusting guides and tension bars. Sets focus of electronic scanners on guideline of paper to automatically control color registration. Regulates temperature in web-drying chambers and adjusts automatic cutter at discharge end of press. Inspects material being printed, during production run, and adjusts press as required to produce printed matter to specifications. Directs workers in feeding and unloading press, replenishing ink supply in fountains, cleaning equipment, and other press operations. May operate press equipped to print, cut, and crease paper goods.