Rotary Drum Continuous Process Tanner

Operate rotary drums to remove hair and other solubles from hides or skins.

What does a Rotary Drum Continuous Process Tanner do?

Operates rotary drum to remove hair and other solubles from hides or skins and convert hides or skins into leather or glue during continuous process: Loads drum with hides, skins, or other animal stock. Turns valves to admit water and steam to drum. Weighs and mixes specified amounts of lime, salt, and other chemicals in mixing tank or drum, following formula, to prepare liming, deliming, pickling, and tanning solutions used in treating hides or skins. Turns valve to transfer solutions to drum during specified processing cycles. Moves lever to activate drum that cleans, washes, pickles, and tans hides or skins. Replaces solid door of drum with perforated door at specified intervals to filter waste from drum at completion of cycles. Verifies salinity and temperature of solutions, using salinometer and thermometer. Transfers tanning solution to drum and tans hides or skins [TANNING-DRUM OPERATOR]. May be designated according to process as Delimer; Limer; Pickler; Vat Tender.