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Rope Laying Machine Operator

Tend machines that lay fiber strands into rope and wind rope onto reels.

What does a Rope Laying Machine Operator do?

Tends one or more machines that lay fiber strands or twine into rope and wind rope onto reels: Selects and mounts reels of ready or twine on machine according to rope size specified, using hoist. Threads strands or twine from reels through guides to twisting mechanism, and splices strands or twine to lead rope attached to reel. Starts machine and monitors operation to detect defective laying or winding of rope. Stops machine when counter shows specified length is wound. Cuts rope with knife and binds coil with cord to prevent unwinding. Hammers pin from end of reel and pulls it from coil. May weigh coils. May install gears and tubes to produce specified types and sizes of rope, using handtools. May burn or cut rough spots from rope, using soldering iron or scissors. May tend machine that forms and twists fiber strands into rope.